Available on amazon

Ok, it is early days, and my Amazon seller account is very new, so it will take some time to generate traffic. Maybe this blog will help a little?

My Brand Urban Grow is live on Amazon and you can find it here: Urban Grow Store

There are 3 products to begin with, and they are super high quality. I’ll be making content on each of them in the coming weeks, but for now check out the listings on Amazon and see for yourself. The three products are as follows:

Urban Grow FS110 Full Spectrum LED grow light

Urban Grow 180 cm Power IP67 Power cord

Urban Grow 50 cm IP67 extension cord

All links above go to amazon.se to the various listings. For now there is no Buy now option, this is because they are very newly processed, and because my seller account is very new. Click on See all buying options, to see your purchasing options.