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Urban Grow is the result of lots of research, and the search for a great Full Spectrum LED Grow Light that I could use at home, but also had the potential for commercial use.

The Urban Grow FS110 is an IP65 rated 25 W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light. It has built in drivers, and can be daisy chained up to 50 times when using 220V power supply. Including SAMSUNG LED chips and a mix of Far red IR and UV chips as well, these LED Grow Lights can take any plant from seed to fruit.

With 100,000hrs + constant run time these are truly built for long term large scale growing, as well as home growers with longevity in mind. Buying a quality product is important to me, and I want to know it is going to last.

At this time they are still in production, and I have finalized the design of the labeling and boxes. They will arrive in the country soon, and I will begin sales through Amazon SE and across Europe as soon as possible.

Check out the website https://urbangrow.se/ which is in the works and coming soon. Above is a render of the LED Grow Light as a sneak preview. I will be making YouTube videos of these in action, growing a variety of edibles and plants here at home.

They are also perfect for Vertical farming applications, and I am working closely with a vertical farming start up here in Sweden to build a system together. The length of the Grow Lights makes them perfect to hang for growing all year around. Keep on Growing!

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